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Job offer: Online Editor (M/F) / Full-time
You will be a relevant member of the HOUSE OF NEW MOBILITY, a multimedia platform for the emerging ecosystem of future mobility and transportation. The 5 core topics are Connected Car, Automated Driving, E-Mobility, Urban Mobility and Mobility Services.
You will be cooperating intensely with all internal and external partners and reporters in order to edit interesting, new and appealing stories on tight deadlines. Major responsibilities will be: checking the facts, creating high quality content including the set-up and constant care of the photo galleries and video material. You will crawl the Internet including Social Media for relevant content and you will use story-gathering and audience analysis tools to compile and optimize content from a variety of sources to grow our audiences. You will be a member of a small, powerful editorial team.
Your qualifications comprise at least two years experience as online editor, preferably in automotive / technical / digital environment. We expect perfect English / German written and spoken.
The position requires:
- Knowledge of basic HTML, image manipulation (resizing, cropping, adjusting, optimizing), PDF creation, video editing
- Solid knowledge of and ability to use analytics to optimize attraction, retention and traffic to the website
- Experience in using online CMS, newsletter delivery systems and social media channels
- Superior time Management skills and ability to meet constant deadlines
- Ability to write and edit quickly and with attention to detail and quality
- Ability to communicate and collaborate effectively with key stakeholders, reporters and the team of the House of New Mobility.

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