William Shakespeare: The Comedy of Errors


The Greek towns of Ephesus and Syracuse are at war with each other. One day, AEgeon, a merchant from Syracuse, is stranded in Ephesus, in search of his son Antipholus. Unfortunately, AEgeon is found out to be Syracusian and consequently detained by Duke Solinus. When AEgeon informs Duke Solinus that he lost both his wife and his sons, identical twins, twenty-three years ago in a shipwreck, Duke Solinus begins to pity AEgeon and promises that he will free him if AEgeon manages to raise a ransom of 1000 marks by 5 o’clock that same day.

At the same time, Antipholus arrives in Ephesus from Syracuse, together with his servant, Dromio. Both quickly disguise their identities to avoid being arrested, and yet, on their exploration of the town, everyone in Ephesus seems to know them by their names. A lady called Adriana, takes Antipholus into her home, even calling him her husband; Angelo, a goldsmith, gifts Antipholus with a chain of pure gold; the Courtezan greets Antipholus as a regular costumer–and Dromio, well, all of a sudden, he finds himself married to a local beauty! Antipholus and Dromio are confused and suspect that some witchcraft has possessed the Ephesians. The confusion increases when a second pair of Antipholus and Dromio enters the scene—and quickly get arrested for alleged misconduct.
Meanwhile, the clock is ticking for AEgeon–will he find a friend in Ephesus to ransom him? Perhaps someone in the audience can help?

Directed by Conny Loder & John Yates, produced by Ken Lawler & Peter Heinz

Performance dates 7—10, 14—17 & 21—24 July 2022, 19:00

Join us this summer at the Theatron, Westpark. Admission is free, donations are welcome.

Bring a blanket and a picnic and enjoy!

Please be advised that this is an outdoor production; we recommend that you wear suitable clothing and footwear.

Due to the nature of outdoor theatre, we may have to cancel a performance. Please check here for a weather update by 16:00 on performance days: 0176 52441735

Theatron, Westpark. For exact location please check our map:

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